Avoid hacking threats by following simple security steps

avoid hacking threat

For the internet, everything is at hand. We can enjoy everything very easily through online activities.

But there is a disadvantage behind the scenes.

Do you know? your all information is in public through social media, anyone can take access for your few mistakes. your information is not secure.

The general public easily mistakes and falls into the hacker’s traps.

Hacking is the process of taking other information without permission.

What our cyber security expert says is to avoid hacking threats? Let’s see cyber experts opinion

Avoid hacking threats
  • Never click a phishing link
  • Use strong and unique security for each account
  • Aware of using public wifi and cyber cafe
  • Use Antivirus software
  • Always phones, laptop devices up to date
  • Don’t use pirated software
  • Choose apps wisely
  • Don’t public credential information wisely
  • Use common sense

How do content creators avoid hacking threats from sponsor traps?

How can you find spammers?

  • They email from non branded (official) email
  • They reply very fast (within 1-2 hours)
  • Spammer talk about money repeatedly
  • The spammer will obey anything that you demand
  • The spammer will give you a link and force you to click it

As a Youtube, Instagram, Facebook content creator you may face this type of hacking threat.

Let’s break down in detail what you should do in this critical situation and how to avoid all these types of hacking threads.

Never click a phishing link

Sometimes you will get an email or message that is a lottery winning or something attractive that and force you to click this link to win the gift.

If you click the link malware virus inserts your system and sends data to the hacker.

Hackers easily take your device access and change your email password, bank account and use it. You don’t have an option this time.

So avoid opening and clicking this type of email, message, or anything else.

Always remember the world is not free and no one gives you free credit without interest.

You may don’t want to take the extra hassle of handling each account. So you use the same password for each account.

This will be a horrible experience if your one account is in danger. Hackers try to access every platform with the same password first.

What should you do to save your account from hacking?

  • Use a different password for every account.
  • Don’t use weak passwords like your name, email, phone number. Use and combine Uppercase(A-Z), Lowercase (a-z), Number(0-9),Special Character (!@#$%^&*).

Aware of using public wifi and cyber cafe

When you go to use public wifi and cyber cafe, there are a few things you need to consider.

The safe rules of use cyber cafe

  • Before browsing or taking any action, check the computer first. First, see if any type of unfamiliar thing is happening or not.
  • Run antivirus and scan.
  • Check if any other devices are plugged in or not. Bad people (hackers) insert key loggers (trojan virus) into the computer and wait for others to use this computer. When anyone uses the computer the hacker gets every movement of his/her using activities through the malware virus.
  • When you leave don’t forget to sign out your social media or others accounts. Remove browser cookie history.

The safe rules of use public wifi

  • Use VPN (a virtual private network).
  • Avoid using credential information as you can as.
  • Check and listen to if this wifi is safe or not.

Use Antivirus software

You can use good antivirus software that gives security to your data and devices from malware, ransomware, or any bad things that affect your privacy.

By anti-virus software, you can daily check and scan your devices and see the device health report.

If you don’t want to use paid software you could use free software that comes with your operating system like windows firewall.

Always phones, laptop devices up to date

On a regular basis, you should update your devices. When an official update comes don’t wait.

The update solves and adds many security bugs and features.

Don’t use pirated software

Please lesson if you don’t afford official software or anything else don’t go black market and pirated software.

Instead of using pirated software, use the free version of the official app.

Pirated software contains viruses because hackers make pirated software and sell the black market.

Choose apps wisely

When you download an app see what kinds of permission it wants.

If your app is calculator-related but wants to access the camera, gallery, phone calls avoid this app.

This app doesn’t need any photos or contact-related things but it’s wanted. It’s simple to understand this is a scam.

Don’t public credential information wisely

Your email, contact number are very important to a business.

Do you want promotional activities every day and full unnecessary emails, messages?

If your answer is no, don’t share your personal information.

Use common sense

Your information is your property. If you don’t care about it you will suffer.

To make any decision, think about your surrounding activities and use your general knowledge.

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