Tips on How to Ask a Review From a Customer – Proven Way

In online presence, people trust your brand when you have a good reputation and showcase them. People buy products or services from you when you have lots of good positive reviews.

But getting reviews is a crucial thing for a new business. So you have to know how you should ask for reviews and people’s influence to give their feedback.

What is an online review?

After buying, getting, and using a product or service customers through their opinion of the brand or business, It’s called customer review. The review would be positive or negative.

It depends on customer experience. The review page would be your Product Page or Google My Business Profile or Companies Social Media Page Comments or Specific Page or Anything.

Benefits of asking for reviews

What benefits of asking for reviews
What benefits of asking for reviews

Probably you know people don’t buy just a product, they also buy trust.

Review increases your brand reputation and credibility. A few goods with 5-star reviews make people influenced that the business or brand is professional and many people buy from them.

  • Because people are afraid before taking buying decisions if there is no one purchased from them before. If you have good feedback they get the confidence to buy from you. Cause customers don’t have to option to check the product or service physically.
  • It builds people’s trust and reliability in a brand.
  • Higher ratings are important for a higher Google ranking. Google wants to show the best result to the visitors. If you have a good rating average of 4.7 points, Google identifies you as a good result for their visitors.
  • It increases sales: According to statistics, around 70% of people read reviews before buying new products.
  • The review indicates a company’s doings. The company RND department easily finds out their problem and what they need to do.
  • It helps to justify the initial growth of the company’s future.

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When to ask for reviews and How to convince customers?

When to ask for reviews and How to convince customers?
When to ask for reviews and How to convince customers

In economic terms, we all know people’s responses to incentives. To ask for reviews you have to give something valuable that people really care about. When you give some extra your chance to get positive feedback is very high.

Let me explain practically. For example, you start a restaurant business. But you don’t have enough reviews. Now, what do you do? I have the solution.


When someone comes to your restaurant for the first time after finishing the dishes you could ask, How much do they like your food? Also could ask them to give their opinion. Always appreciate their opinion even if everything is okay.

Then you ask them if you give the same opinion on our online review page, you will get a 5% discount. Also, you can do marketing for your restaurant by the same method. Simply ask them if they post on social media with added tag of your brand they will get an additional 5% discount. I guaranteed you will get tons of reviews in a short time even if you are new.

Because people love discounts and incentives. By this, they can save some valuable money. Also, they would be your repetitive loyal customer if they like your food and overall environment.

Social Media:

You can do the same thing in person on social media. Post and promote that if someone post and give a review about your restaurant, they will get a 10% discount.


For example, you sell T-shirts. A customer already purchases from you. Now you can send an email that if he or she gives a review they got a 15% voucher for the purchase. This method works very high.

Normally customers give reviews if they are very satisfied or unsatisfied. They come to your website review page or social media comments section and show their experience. I showed the benefits method to get early ratings. Now next chapter I will discuss how you can deal with negative reviews.

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How to deal with negative reviews?

How to deal with negative reviews
How to deal with negative reviews

This is crucial for a business. Because most customer check reviews before taking action. For example, someone gives a negative review that your delivery date is lengthy. But your delivery service is okay. Unfortunately, the specific customer faces a bad experience.

You can reply that “ Hi Dear {Name}, apologize, and say your specific reason why that circumstance happens. And promise him/her that will never again.”

If you reply in public other customers see this and build a positive mindset about your responsibility instead of a negative mindset. Also, it would be your improvement stage if you have actually not good enough service or product. It shows what your next step is for your business growth.

Today I discussed the process of asking for a review from a new customer. And When do people want to give a review? I hope this lesson helps you to increase your 5-star rating and build a good reputation.

Can reviews increase sales?

Yes, It can. But it would be positive reviews.

When to ask for reviews?

After giving service and customer experiences.

What benefits of asking for reviews?

It helps to build a brand reputation.

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