Sales Tips: Why do customers buy from you? 3 Causes

Why do customers buy from you

Are you excited about sales? Why do customers buy from you? If you can complete 3 things, the customer must buy the product or service from you. By these, you will know how to sell products or services.

Of the 3 things,

  1. First is the external problem. Don’t worry, I will explain by example.
  2. The second is the internal problem.
  3. And third is the philosophical problem.

Let’s learn customer buying intention & habits through examples

Note: These examples are for learning purposes, not any sponsor or something else.

For an example is the Tesla

Car sales example
Car sales example

First I need a car, this is my external problem.

The internal problem is that I want to adapt to new technology very soon.

And the philosophical problem is that I will use this electric car which is not harming the environment, but I am doing something better because it is eco-friendly.

Another example is Restaurant

Restuarant business example
Restuarant business example

Firstly, Why do you go to restaurants? You go because you are hungry. You need feed. This is your external problem.

Secondly, you go to a good environment to eat. That is charming and hygienic for your health, Right? This is your internal problem.

Lastly, no doubt you don’t take selfies and photos at restaurants. Why do you do that? Because you want to publish on your social media to show off.

So that, they recognize you and spread your status. This is your philosophical problem.

Above discussion, we will learn the main cause is external problems.

The auxiliary thing is an internal problem that is essential but not always mandatory.

And the philosophical problem is the future effect of the action.

If you combine 3 causes in your business, customers automatically come to you for purchase or encourage you to buy from you.

No matter if you are a startup business or a well-established business, the 3 things are the key to sales of your product or services.

These are the sales productivity tips for all business owners and marketers.

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