How Website and SEO boost business organically


The Company

The company is an all-about blog business. They start the website to spread valuable knowledge through expertise. The website is also able to affiliate marketing and brand marketing. You can find them through raftalk.net

The Challenge

Making a website was the first challenge for us. Boyshero helps us to create an effective website.

The Results

For their effort helps us to publish our knowledge and start the business.

We are pleased with their design and beautiful structure. We are doing an agreement on SEO and content marketing with Boyshero very recently

What we did to achieve the goals

We work to discuss Raftalk’s authority about their future plan. After navigating the key factors we start research according to their query. By doing a feasibility study we create a prototype and test everything. After approval by Raftalk, we have done the job finally and delivered it to them.

Our business is growing gradually. We hope we reach our goal on time from Boyshero. We are happy to continue our relationship with Boyshro.

 -> Founder, Raftalk

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